Sleeping With Strangers! Is it For You?

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Sleeping With Strangers! Is it For You?

According to statistics, 6.8 million people in the UK live alone. Not surprisingly, some people prefer to spend a vacation or a break abroad with someone. Having friends is far better than hanging out at the Kasbah or scouting the restaurant scene on your own. Not surprisingly, many online services have sprung up. Their purpose is to match like-minded travelers. Multiply single Brits by similar numbers in other countries and the opportunities for travel companionship are enormous.

These services are not pornographic and cater to all tastes. This ensures that the round peg is placed in the round hole. In other words, if you’re a twenty-something who prefers to be around other graduates in the same age group; you set up your booth and wait expectantly for a response.

Are you eager to explore Mediterranean Spain? There is bound to be someone who has the exact same idea. Bike through the Alps, hike through the Dolomites; share the splendor of St. Petersburg, or spend two weeks in the Bahamas? You can put your money in it because someone, maybe a group of like-minded people, wants your company.

I figured I’d give it a go: ‘Semi-retired, fit and decent. I can arrange up to three short vacations a year. I prefer female corporate heterosexual/platonic. I’m interested in smart companions; empathy, looks matter. Flexible hours, personable and sociable; supportive. Possibility to share cost and room (own bed).

“My ideal break is flying to Europe, renting a car, stopping anywhere that looks attractive. Non-smoker, likes to relax, likes people watching, exploring, sightseeing; culture, eating out; moderate drinker; theater , orchestral music. Free spirit, so hopefully you are too. Don’t you love transparency?

Looking at the many internet services for singles looking for a shared vacation, I was spoiled for choice. Friendship Travel Com seems like a good place to start.

Can I join you(s)?

“Catching a plane, going to a resort, staying in a hotel – and worst of all – eating alone is no fun.” That’s an introduction I can identify with. Been there, got the t-shirt. Believe me, there is nothing lonelier than being away from home and wandering alone among tourists: all those couples holding hands; groups of friends and family. You really are like Billy-no-mates.

What might draw some people to solo-targeted online trips really raises my alarm. Although they try to strike a balance between being structured and being independent, being seriously single and looking for someone, the edges are a bit fuzzy.

Prices quoted reflect the assumption of no shared occupancy. This always adds to the cost of the hotel. When you arrive at your destination, it’s up to you what you do, as long as you don’t scare the camels. But if you prefer your own company, you have no problem with “lights out”.

The company’s portfolio offers the widest possible choice: from dinner dances to Nile cruises, leisure breaks in Europe, skiing in France, travel in the US; you name it; the Bahamas; a week or so in Bodrum: vacation romance options.

they are not cheap

We all know the companies you own, the company policy seems to cover rich people’s solvents, so they don’t do cheap stuff. At least you’ll increase your chances of matching or befriending someone from your own social class.

A 3 night stay in Paris equals to £339 in your local currency. £1,399 for 12 days in Thailand; seven nights in Grenada will siphon £1,899 out of your bank account. It’s inclusive, but I think at that price I might be entitled to a shared room. I think £590 for two weeks in Turkey is a good deal, although that’s a special offer; especially if it comes with exotic belly dancers?

The Last Mango in Paris

That’s when I remembered: I valued my independence and had been looking for a service that didn’t come with the same expectations of courtship as my weekly shop. correct! I went to Mango Tree.Com.

Description and reality are like theory and practice; they don’t always match. Photos are essential to me. The only downside is the lack of chemistry and empathy, which can only be measured by spending a little time together. But there must be some mysteries in life; otherwise it wouldn’t be so exciting. Hope lives forever in the breast of man.

I remember looking at a woman’s profile on a dating site. On the face of it, she definitely connected all the dots. Pretty as a painting, I could easily frame it. Her profile tags her as petite, similar interests, age, likes and dislikes, no pets; kids fly out of the nest. This lady will fit manicured hands like a glove.

Chainsaw massacre

I nervously picked up the phone, tuning the melodious tone to just the right pitch as I timidly tapped her number. Alas, her pitch was louder than a chainsaw’s decibels, and my brain was literally slaughtered. It’s a good thing I didn’t meet her at the Belgrade train station; her cheery “Here I am!” might have been confused with the screech of the locomotive’s brakes.

Having browsed over 1,000 profiles, this theory seems good and backed by the sweetest profile: Jed (23) wrote: “I’ve never traveled before, I set up a profile and added a photo , I haven’t heard anything for a few days, but all of a sudden I started getting emails from other users with helpful and friendly advice. It’s been great, and the best part is that I’ve met a great friend, I’ve been talking to him via email and phone and we’ve arranged to go on a trip together this November!”

“I met a couple of people, including Emma (28), who were all traveling to Australia at the same time as me. We’re meeting in London this weekend, so I’m even more excited about the trip.” Men check in, too, and tell Similar success stories.

some lads

Members can choose to travel one-on-one or as part of a larger group. As etiquette also insists on choosing the preferred gender. This is where it gets really interesting, so if you’re easily shocked, stop reading here.

For those of you still reading here, here’s a wink, a nudge to the point. Of the 90 women whose profiles were scanned across all age groups, a dozen preferred female partners. Six specified a male partner, and the remaining 72 were not gender-specific; both were available.

Finally there are people who are more gregarious, or who just like crowds. Twelve ladies opted for groups, three of whom chose a hen’s party; the remaining ladies were happy to have a few men.

Would you sleep with a stranger?

I personally have no problem with this. I slept with strangers a lot after I got married. I can’t speak for anyone reading this, but if I’m comfortable enough to spend the day with someone, I have no problem sharing a room: think what a saving?

I can say that at this point I made excuses and walked away: the reality is that after two weeks of looking at my profile, I’ve only collected three suitors. Regardless of the outcome, they read my profile, making it clear that shared rooms won’t be an issue.

For those accustomed to profane thoughts, I naively thought mature people could travel with platonic decency. Bring your impromptu, turn off the lights, or politely put your head down in a book while your companion prepares his or her zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz If any of you are bubbly, I’m sure you’re smart enough to encourage or dissuade depending on your mood.

Is your holiday date waiting for you there? A lot depends on your taste, location, travel plans and of course your age group. Not as complicated as I’d lead you to believe, but if you’re under thirty, then you’ve won the lottery.

78 of the 97 women were under the age of 30. Twenty-eight were British, and there were a few Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, and quite a few people who said “Gee, is there a McDonald’s here, too?” from the good old America of A.

If you’re like me and aren’t keen on traveling anonymously, or if you’ve never taken the risk of a blind date, you’ll be glad to know that 78 posted pictures of themselves so you can at least get a better picture of what it’s like to be together.

Mature Types Are Not So Anonymous

For those of you who are more refined, for those who are arguably mature, the answer may be on I’m registered, although I’m not retired yet. But in the best traditions of investigative journalism, instead of thinking about my safety, I dug in and found out.

They also cheated. There are a lot of good guys on their books that are far from being sold on time. Even the ones who qualified for the semis or retired looked better than the few thirty-somethings I’ve seen. It’s just across the street from me, across the plaza.

Anne’s profile tells us she’s a very young 52 (she looks 42) with a zest for life. I’ve made my house take advantage of “now”. I’m used to travel and hotels. I’m pretty confident with the map and timetable, but if we miss the bus, so be it!

She added: “I am well educated and appreciate the cultures of the areas I visit while realizing that I am just a stranger in their environment. I am vegetarian, non-smoker and a very light traveler, And there is no question of sharing”.

track marriage

Rob’s age is less specific, but falls into the 51-60 segment. He said: “I am a healthy, non-smoker who owns a luxury motor caravan with 2 sleeping areas and the usual accessories.

I’m keen to use it to slowly tour Switzerland, Austria, Italy, etc., so I’m looking for an enthusiastic female travel companion to share the cost. I have no romantic expectations, I just like female company! A detailed itinerary is to be discussed and agreed upon, but I expect the trip to last 2 or 3 months, possibly starting late April 2008. “That’s what I call a trial marriage.

Jenny is in the same age group, but what about the ladies? Their pictures show that they are younger than the group they are in? They can’t be old photos, can they? Even I think so is too chivalrous.

Jenny said: “I work full time and need to book holidays in advance. I have just started an OUHK course in social sciences. Curious about the world and the different people who live in it. I am a social person who enjoys a good chat/ discuss.

“I like walking and hiking. Interested in interior decoration. Also like meeting new people. Eating out but want to try unfamiliar dishes. Want to ride a bike. I also want to try horseback riding. Didn’t get a chance to see many cultural things. Hope Changing that and broadening my knowledge of different cultures; hence the interest in traveling to different destinations.”

Love a full body tan?

A British musician who describes himself as a “short, skinny, long-haired old hippie type who likes to get a full body tan. (Proceed with caution, ladies). Lazy, likes to read, dance, sing, spiritually aware. A good listen Photography, music, reading, travelling, sailing, riding DIY.”

There are definitely pros and cons, so parts 50 – 61 of this poster might be just what a bored lady is looking for. A string guitar instead of a string tank top because he really wants to get a full body tan.

One of the many interesting things about these lovable traveler types (1,411 of them are listed) is their strong desire for adventure. If a country’s name ends in “stan” or “ia,” then they’ve either been there or want to be there.

Wherever your weary feet propel you; maybe a stroll through the Gobi Desert, trying to brainstorm ideas like a Uzbek shepherd making bids for your charming mate, or perching precariously on the long winding road to Ayers Rock On the camel’s hump, if you see someone coming the other way, yell; “Hi. Didn’t I see your profile on retired”

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